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An Atlantic Horizons & 4motion CIC Collaboration

Wow, what a year (or 2!) it has been hey! Anyone else feel like they need a break and surround themselves with positive people, life affirming experiences and nature? YEP, us too! One element of the Atlantic Horizons community focuses on creating inclusive, nature inspired and immersive retreat experiences. We absolutely LOVE creating and delivering these experiences and are so excited to share our latest Retreat partnership - The Retreat Collective. The Retreat Collective is a collaboration with our wonderful friends and fellow active, ocean and nature loving fans at 4Motion CIC. The team at 4Motion CIC share our passion for creating inclusive, accessible and nature inspired retreats, so we are super excited to unite in 2022 to bring you some amazing movement, ocean and nature experiences. The Retreat Collective offers so much more than a weekend get away; by investing in your wellbeing and paying to join a retreat YOU help give back to someone else who may not be able to attend. Your retreat investment will enable you to immerse yourself in the elements and nature of North Cornwall, connect with people that get stuck into life with gusto and positivity, experience mindful moments of walking, water immersion, surfing, yoga, running AND give back to our shared partnership social mission. Atlantic Horizons and 4Motion CIC are committed to making retreats accessible to everyone, to help reach those young people, individuals or families who also really need to switch off, recharge and connect with their wellbeing yet unable to do so due to health, financial or isolation barriers. Therefore Atlantic Horizons and 4Motion CIC are committed to investing a % of your retreat investment towards our ambitious and exciting The BIG Retreat Collective in 2023, a retreat that offers free and subsidised places to all members of the community. We believe this is the power of community - investing in self care and sharing that gift with another, to collectively create a healthy, happy and connected society. As Atlantic Horizons and 4 Motion CIC collectively look ahead to 2022 with positivity, inspiration and excitement for The Retreat Experience we warmly invite you to join us in Cornwall for some awesome retreat experiences! Check out the dates below on our poster and us an email to express your interest and book now. Spaces maybe limited yet there are no limits on how much fun we are going to have next year! We look forward to welcoming you to our retreat community.

Retreat enquiries

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