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The impact of Covid-19 on the Glamping and Camping industry

With all of the uncertainty surrounding the current coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, we are dedicated to supporting our community. We are doing our very best to ensure that we are keeping up to date with the government guidelines so that we can reassure all of our guests that when things return to normal, we will be ready to welcome you to Atlantic Horizons and enjoy a much needed break.

Site owners have had to come up with new strategies on how to address the new pandemic protocols. Some of the things that we are taking into account are:

  • Hygiene and cleaning

  • Social Activities

  • Playgrounds

  • Laundry Rooms

  • Dealing with cash

As a result we are beginning to prepare our site for what we can anticipate to be very clear guidelines in ensuring that all UK Glamping and Camping sites are prioritising the health and well being of their guests. We are currently looking in to additional systems such as contactless payment for on-site purchases.

We believe that small campsites such as Atlantic Horizons tend to be a lot safer than going to the city’s hotels because you avoid public transport and crowds. One of the best parts of camping and glamping is that you determine your level of interactions with others – you can socialise or you can be completely alone and enjoy nature and your solitude but whatever choice that you make, we must all remember where we have come from, respect each others decisions and greet each other with a smile.

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